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April 12, 2012


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× surprised me by making an awesome 3D computer model of one of my made-up car designs. I was very impressed, and quite flattered that he chose to make a model of one of my designs when there are so many cars to choose out there. it was great seeing a proper 3D version of my idea, from different angles - it looked just how I imagined it.

And that made me wonder. I wonder if anybody else would be interested in having a go. I mean, if you like cars, have nothing better to do, and would be interested of course.

I'm not asking for, or desperately wanting people to do this - no obligation at all. But I sure would be interested in seeing models of some of them, and appreciative of those who want to make them.

If you are up for a mission I've compiled a little list of the various car designs I've made, a link to the picture on DA, and a little description saying whether the design is good or may need some reworking.
Whether "It would be interesting" , "it'd be nice" or "I would love" to see a model of one of my drawings kinda hint which ones I'd love to see done first, however I'm not asking anybody to do this, so if you're kind enough to, and want to - you pick any one you like of the lot.

Thanks dudes :)

- Dan


- TVR Orthrus
Design for a new TVR. Front and back are fine - but side view needs reworking: everything from the end of the door backwards looks a bit too squished up, needs a more cerbera-like look from the side. Would be nice to see an improved version of this.
- Mazda RX9
Idea for the next 'RX' car. Generally happy with this one, though have realised I accidentally gave it a fuel filler cap on both sides.
- Audi A9
Top-of-the-range Audi. Looks fine from front and back, though maybe a little too tall from the side - or maybe the wheels are too small.


- Porsche 998
1990s style sporty Porsche design. Front and back are as imagined, though side looks a bit too warped and curved. Could do with some good judgement to make it look better from this angle.
- Mitsubishi Eclipse
Alternate design for a modern Eclipse. Generally happy, though the rear is too tall in both side and rear views.
- Ford Rhinoceros
Generally happy with design, though does look awfully boxy and square from the side.
- Rolls Royce Flying Phantom
Just for fun, a flying Rolls. No changes needed, turned out right first time.
- Flying Porsche
Same thing, just a porsche. Side air intake may want improving, rear needing a bit more shading to show the shape seen from above.


- Audi Batmobile
'If Audi made the batmobile'. Happy with the design, there's just a lack of various angles. Imagine the rear being somewhat similar to the Tim Burton batmobile.
- Audi RT
Idea for an Audi V8 muscle car. Generally happy, could do with some good judgement on minor adjustments.
- Bugatti 570
Idea for a modern Bugatti, but keeping the retro design, à la Morgan EvaGT. Happy with the design, no changes desired, would love to see a model of this.
- Implacable
1930s car design. No changes needed.
- Vanguard
1930s car design. No changes needed.
- Avenger
1930s car design. No changes needed.


- Black Car
1930s car design. Based on a lego model I made. The lego model looked awesome, but somehow it just looks wrong on paper. Could probably look good if the proportions (especially width) were made more realistic.
- TVR Basilisk
modern TVR design. Pretty much happy with the design, no changes needed I think. Would be interesting to see a model of this.
- Bentley Arnage II
Modern-retro design for a far more conservative new Bentley, that actually looks like a Bentley. Front and back are good, side may want a little good judgement tending to everything behind the windows (suposed to be a bit like the modern Rolls from the side)


- TVR Hydra
new TVR design. Probably my favourite made-up car design yet, completely happy with design, no changes desired, would love to see a 3D model of this.
- Auburn speeder
Just for fun futuristic flying Auburn speedster. Happy with design, no changes needed.
- Mercedes SLC600
1990s styled Mercedes sports car. Happy with design from all angles, no changes needed. Would be interesting to see a model of.
- Jaguar XJ200
1990s styled Jaguar sports car. Happy with design from all angles, would be nice to see this one modelled.
- Cadillac Astronomer
1950s styled Cadillac, happy with design from all angles. Would be interesting to see a model of this one.
- Bugatti 102
1950s style 'revival' Bugatti design. Which has been made into a superb model by , which I totally approve of and which kinda got me going on this idea...
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karanua Apr 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll take a look but no promises, I'm in the midst of building a 2144 building metropolis along the lines of Mega City from the Judge Dredd comics.
TwistedMethodDan Apr 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for your interest :)
You do have some impressive work, I've just had a look at your gallery. Lots of imagination, and some lovely scenery. It'd be great if you decided to have a go at one of my designs; though I wouldn't want to stop you doing your own projects - I loved the look of Mega City in the film (haven't read the comics myself) so can't wait to see what your vision of a city in that style would look like :)
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